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#3 Grade Sitka Booksets                                                                               Dulcimer AA + Sets

A Grade Weissenborn sets   min.  3/16"X8-1/2"X36"  (Also Bearclaw sets)   Some may be 10" wide

#2B Grade Sitka Bookset                                                                              Hammered Dulcimer Wood

#2A Grade Sitka Bookset                                                                              #2 Grade Archtop Sitka Blocks   (Special Order Only)

#2 or A Grade Sitka Booksets                                                                       AAA+ Archtop Blocks   (Special Order Only)

Light Bearclaw Sitka Set                                                                               Moulded Backseam Splice  (W R Cedar & Sitka)

Medium Bearclaw Sitka Set                                                                          Bracewood 3/4"X2"X20"  Sitka and WR Cedar

Heavy Bearclaw Sitka Set                                                                             Bracewood 7/8"X3"X20"

AA/AAA  Grade Sitka Bookset,     Alaskan Yellow Cedar tops                     Bracewood 7/8"X4"X20" also 24" Sitka & WRC

AAA       Grade Sitka Bookset                                                                      Bracewood 7/8"X5"X20"

Master Grade Sitka Bookset                                                                         Bracewood 7/8"X6"X20" also 24" Sitka & WRC

A Grade Mandolin Sitka Wedges   (Special Order Only)                               Bracewood 7/8"X8"X20" also 24" Sitka & WRC

A Grade Mandolin Sitka Wedges         "         "        "                                  A Grade+ Cedar Bookset

AA  Grade Mandolin  Sitka Block       "         "        "                                  AA Grade+ Cedar Bookset

AAA Grade Mandolin Sitka Block      "         "        "                                  AAA Grade+ Cedar Bookset

Sitka Rejects 1/2"X8"+ X22"or 24"                                                              WR Cedar Rejects 1/2"X8"+ X22" or 24"

1X4X36" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    1-1/4X4X36" AA/AAA Grade Sitka

1X4X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    1-1/4X4X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka

1X4X72" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    1-1/4X4X72" AA/AAA Grade Sitka

1X6X36" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    1-1/4X6X36" AA/AAA Grade Sitka 

1X6X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    1-1/4X6X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka

1X6X72" AA/AAA Grade Sitk                                                                      1-1/4X6X72" AA/AAA Grade Sitka

1X8X36" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    1-1/4X8X36" AA/AAA Grade Sitka

1X8X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    1-1/4X8X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka

1X8X72" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    1-1/4X8X72" AA/AAA Grade Sitka

Cherry Dulcimer sets                                                                                    Maple Dulcimer sets

Figured W. Oak Dulcimer sets                                                                      Cocobolo Dulcimer Sets

Resawing Available                                                                                      Jointing, Glueing and Sanding Available

Figured Hard Maple Backs & Sides                                                             Quarter Sawn White Oak Backs & Sides

Quarter Sawn Rock Maple neck stock  15/16"X3"X12", 24", 30" & 38"     (Special order only)

Dreadnought sizes                                                                                        Classical sizes

Alder Electric Body Blanks (Spceial order only)                                           Soft Maple Electric Body Blanks (Special order)

Figured Maple tops for Electrics (Special order)                                           Figured White Oak tops for Electrics

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AA+ Cedar Bookset
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Archtop Block AA+ Grade Sitka
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AA/AAA Grade Sitka Set
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#3 Grade Sitka Bookset
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Mandolin Wedges
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Guitar Built by Steve Stephenson
from AA/AAA Grade Sitka
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Back of Same Guitar with Figured Maple
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Link to Lazy River Guitars by Rance White a customer's web site

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  Bob Tibbetts

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Phone :518-733-6085
Fax     :518-733-6087
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